TruckHall: Making Tangible Impact in the Trucking Ecosytem

Case Study: Raja Biscuits , Kolkata, WB to Namchi, Sikkim

Transport Company:

A Kolkata based reputed transport company. 


A large supplier/manufacturer and exporter of food products, biscuits, spices, turmeric powder chilly powder, cakes, and coconut oil

Case Study

Unpredictable weather conditions have always been a major hurdle to successful freight delivery in the trucking sector and the predicament faced by Jai Maa Kali Transport Company was no exception. Little did Raja Biscuit Industries know that heavy rains would put their goods worth a lot of money at stake. A consignment carrying Full truck load of cartons of biscuits were shipped from Kolkata, West Bengal to Namchi, Sikkim. Heavy torrential rains during transit from Siliguri to Namchi caused a significant delay in delivery and some part of the consignment got damaged due to the rains , which made matters worse between the Transport Company and the consignor, as the consignee refused to receive the Truck and labelled the whole consignment as damaged.

After considerable waiting time, team Truckhall decided to delve deeper into the matter. On introspection, our team found out that only a small part of the entire consignment (around 200 cartons) needed to be replenished, as the items inside the boxes were safe and dry. Team Truckhall convinced the consignee and the truck was released by them as they awaited the arrival of replenished empty boxes. Our team arranged to send the empty boxes by courier and the boxes reached the consignee in 3 days. The consignee moved the goods from the old damaged packing to new cartons and the issue was solved.

“Had TruckHall not intervened, the entire truckload would have been returned to the origin, and considerable losses would have been borne by the consignee and the transport company” , said Arup Bhattacharjee, Operations Manager at TruckHall.

Varun Biyani

Varun Biyani

Varun Biyani, our Co-Founder brings 10 years experience of in IT and building systems in the Logistics space both in the domestic and international arena. Varun has a Master's Degree from Carnegie Mellon University, USA.


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